Insurance wrap


Strategic business wraps:

Any possible event has been taken into consideration by the AVIS Global Energy insurance partner Marsh McLennan, such as: Capital portfolio, reputation, finance, and market impacts Location, political, environmental, legal, security, economic Delivery, engineering, design, construction, commissioning, turnover, work force Technical, warranties, process, utilities, raw materials, Operational: training, process/procedures


Marsh McLennan covers any risk: Here briefly outlined the services that Marsh will offer AVIS Energy Company with respect to project management. This summary is based on our understanding of the first year requirements that are anticipated to be the construction of twenty plants with an approximate value of 200 million euros per plant.  We also understand that in an effort to keep pace with rapidly growing demands for your facilities you wish to aggressively accelerate the pace of the execution of your portfolio of construction projects. Large scale construction projects on a global basis present significant risk for all parties involved impacting the project owners, their construction managers, design and engineering firms, contractors and even the surrounding residents and businesses. These risks need to be carefully identified and quantified during early conceptual planning and effectively mitigated and controlled throughout construction delivery and well into start up and commissioning. Throughout the project life cycle each participant must navigate a wide range of potential complications stemming from different areas.