Purchase at least 1000 franchise shares of the AVIS Group here

              As franchise member you participate at the AVIS Global Green                    Energy Industrial Park in Spain


You heaving access to the unlimited AVISPay (AVIS Bank) tools


You heaving access to a trading account and trading platform 


Next steps depending on your business target with the AVIS Global Group. Each transaction is different and our team will help you to complete.


Subsequent process your business with AVIS

for transact fill the formularies carefully and send it to the AVIS Team

you like to become a agent - you must maintain a active trading account and have a Master IC distributer agreement

Attention please use Acrobat reader for filling


For active  trading activities you must have the minimum Franchise Member status active. Read carefully Term & Conditions

Are you still not a Franchise Member of the AVIS Global Group?

Activate your own Franchise for transactions: GO TO